Alice in Wonderland ~ Tate Liverpool

In celebration of one of Britain’s most iconic fairy tales, The Tate Liverpool are holding an exhibition about all thing Alice. As well as original artwork by John Tenniel for the first edition of the book, other works shown in the exhibition are by artists who have been influenced by Lewis Carroll’s trippy tale.

We have all been seduced by the story in recent years with the re-make of the tale directed by Tim Burton, which brought a new audience to appreciate the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. As a child I loved the book and it is one that I have read to my children from them being a young age, but the new edition of the film gave us all Alice fever and once again inspired artists and designers.

I know as an interior designer, I have used Alice in Wonderland as an inspiration and starting point for designs. As part of a University module, we were asked to design a Hotel using British Classicism as an influence. As part of my design I chose everything within the scheme by British designers and I brought British icons into the design such as the royal family and Alice in Wonderland which is such a British tale with the characters taking time for a tea party and the rabbit carrying a pocket watch, it really couldn’t be more British! This was all long before the Tim Burton movie and here we are years later still finding Alice irresistible.

If you want to bring a little bit of wonderland to your home, try some of these designs.

Cup chandelier by Laura pregger

Teapot and cup and saucer lamp by Laura Ashley

Flamingo wallpaper Cole & Son

Over scaled chair by Tom Dixon

Shadowy chair by Tord Boontje perfect for the red Queen!

Over scaled wing back chairs by Tom Dixon. I know we’ve all seen them before but they are a future classic and just perfect for the Alice theme.

Framed playing cards~choose your message

Urban Outfitters have a great selection of Alice inspired home wares at affordable prices

including artwork such as this piece which has the words of the story surrounding the silhouette of Alice. Other pieces are available online

Over scaled lighting and furniture is a trade mark of designer Abigail Aherne

The Sergio Rossi shop designed by Ilse Crawford has all the elements of Through The Looking Glass


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