Rockett St George Industrial designs

I am addicted to industrial salvage at the moment and our house is slowly filling up with metal filing cabinets, wire sorting trays, vintage globes and factory chairs.

I am currently working on a design project for Manchester University and have suggested to them that some elements of industrial recycled furniture will sit very well within the scheme I have designed to fit their brief, Manchester being the home of the industrial revolution being one of the key inspirations.

To my delight they are totally won over by my suggestions and I have been busily scouring all avenues for some recycled gems. The brilliant online retailer Rockett St George have been a great source of ideas and are currently awaiting a shipment of industrial furniture which will be available in April. Here are just a few of the fantastic designs which will be on offer to us.

Just some of the ways industrial salvage can add personality to a space.


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