Festival Season

The UK kicks off it’s festival season with the first of the big music festivals, this weekend, The Isle of Wight festival.

We took our children to this festival 6 years ago to see a fantastic line up of musicians, including the late, great Amy Winehouse, Muse and The Rolling Stones, to name just a few. We were blessed with the weather and loved the isle of Wight, which is so beautiful and laid back in a very old fashioned, secret seven go wild type of way.

We have a VW camper which we took to stay in, but now 6 years later, glamping has become a big trend with lots of options of accommodation, such as bell tents, mongolian tents and tepees.

If you are going to a festival this year and are looking for an alternative to just a bog standard tent, check out some of the amazing designs available on Field Candy.com.

These are just a few of my favourites.

As a camper van owner, I love this tent, available from Firebox.com


Don’t forget to take lights to decorate your tent to add a little bit of magic in the evening.

These are some of my essentials for a summer festival.

  1. Sleeping bag from Anthropologie
  2. Blanket from Toast
  3. Hurricane lantern from Awardmedals.com
  4. Patchwork tent from FieldCandy
  5. Jacket from Monsoon
  6. Dress from Mango
  7. Bag from Toast
  8. Scarf from Zara
  9. Evedon Wellies from Joules

Lets hope the summer returns so that we can all enjoy some fair weather camping!


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  1. Indianna 16 June, 2013 / 8:56 am

    I love the patchwork tent! Nice selection.

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