Upcycled Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

One of the best things about the run up to Christmas is that there are loads of opportunities to get involved with some crafting. Some of the quickest, simplest and cheapest ideas are using recycled materials to make your own gift wrap.

Newspaper, brown parcel paper, string and even old woollen socks and jumpers can all be upcycled into the most stylish packaging. Here’s some of my favourite ideas.

I love the shot of acid yellow used here and the tape measure is a genius idea if you are giving a gift to a crafter or somebody who sews.

Paint on the back of a doily and use as a stamp.

This grey knitted wrap is a great way to upcycle old socks or sweaters

Use up leftover haberdashery to decorate parcels

Simple sacking cloth or upholstery materials give this parcel a rustic charm.

I love this idea of using feathers. These are cut from felt but feathers are readily available to buy in bulk online. I’ve just been given some partridge feathers by a friend that are beautiful, so I’ll be recycling those.

Buy a decorative paper punch from a craft store to pretty up brown parcel paper gift wrap.

These mini pom poms are so easy to make using tissue paper. There are lots of how to tutorials online for larger party poms, just scale them down for perfect parcel size.

Use newspaper and keep it graphic with black and white or red and white twine or ribbon.


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