Liberty of London Christmas Window Display

I’ve just been watching the fly on the wall documentary about Liberty of London store and the build up to their Christmas season.

It seemed really strange watching the first episode when they reveal, in a press launch, their Christmas theme,way back in July when we were gripped by a rare heatwave. The visual display team talked about the theme being inspired by the excitement of ripping open a present or pulling a Christmas cracker which seemed surreal to watch, as only yesterday I was in London for the day, with friends doing a bit of Christmas shopping and I stopped to take some snaps of their windows.

So for all of you that are enjoying the behind the scenes story of Liberty, its history and its present day transformation, here are what the Christmas windows look like.

Personally having worked in visual display for only a short time, at Harvey Nichols, I was a little disappointed with this years display. Liberty have always been seen as a front runner with their Christmas windows and the beacon of all things Christmas and I thought the windows looked quite harsh and disturbing, almost as though somebody had thrown a brick through them and tried to do a smash and grab? They didn’t really have that heart warming feeling of, the approach to, and the excitement of Christmas for me?

What do you think, it would be interesting to hear your opinions?

I love Liberty though and can’t wait to watch the next episode of life behind the scenes of our greatest Department Store.


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