Art Exhibitions 2015

At the start of the year I always open my new calendar and then try and plan a few things to look forward to that I can scribble onto the blank dates.

2015 already looks like an exciting year for exhibitions with a major retrospective of sculptor Dame Barbara Hepworth’s work showing at Tate Britain from June until October and a Jackson Pollock Exhibition at Tate Liverpool, just up the motorway from me. Both of these will be on my must see list.

These artists were giants of the mid 2oth century scene, making waves in different ways. Hepworth was, and still is, the most well known and celebrated female sculptor of her time, starting out carving small marble works from her studio in St Ives Cornwall, progressing to huge monolithic pieces in bronze and steel with commissions from all around the world. Although I’ve been lucky enough to visit her studio in St Ives and view her works there, this exhibition will be the biggest of her collection and range of works, from sketches, textiles and sculptures in almost 50 years.

Jackson Pollock’s work was groundbreaking in its direction and he was the pioneer of what is now known as action painting, with his dripped paint works we are all so familiar with. He was one of a generation of artists, mainly American, who were inspired and influenced by commercial and graphic art, or what we call pop art. I’ve never seen any of his works up close and although they look simple in their execution, I can imagine they are very emotive when viewed? I remember watching a documentary about him many years ago and he seemed like a very deep, enigmatic character which I’m sure will come through in his paintings. We’ll see?

I always think its a great idea to buy tickets for events, films or exhibitions for friends or family who are difficult to buy for. My mum, who insists at her age she has everything she needs, loves watching Downton Abbey, so for part of her Christmas gift I’m taking her to The Lady Lever Art Gallery at Port Sunlight on The Wirral, where they have an exhibition of a range of original dresses that inspired the costumes for Downton Abbey and then the actual costumes alongside. The gallery is only small but has a great collection of pre Raphaelite paintings collected by Lady Lever and Port Sunlight itself, is worthy of a visit. The village was built by Lord Lever for his Sunlight Soap factory workers in 1888 and remains as it was, preserved and protected by its residents.

The exhibition is free and only runs until 18/1/15 so if you’re a Downton fan, get your skates on.


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