HOME – Manchester CornerHouse Art House Cinema

The Cornerhouse in Manchester has been an institution and familiar landscape building in the city since the early 1980’s. The dark foreboding rotund building on the corner of Oxford Road, has long been a meeting place for drinks, the venue to catch a low budget art house film or some where to buy the small circulation publications beloved by the culture vultures of the city.

 As a nation, we have become more cultured and the rise in popularity of museums, galleries and the demand for more cinemas has meant that the Corner House has outgrown its formed home and has moved to a bigger and better venue called, of course, HOME. Located opposite the former Hacienda, in, appropriately named, Tony Wilson Place, the new venue is a triumph of industrial design, all exposed concrete girders and open wooden stair treads, softened with retro style walnut furniture and upholstered seating throughout in greys and burnt orange.

As well as the pleasant ground floor bar area, there is an excellent, second floor restaurant, with 5 cinema screens, a theatre and a gallery space above.

For a fee of £25 you can become a member which provides you with 2 free cinema tickets and a further 10% off all other tickets, food and beverages. It’s what I think is commonly known as a no brainer, if it’s the sort of place you would go to more than a couple of times.

The events seem to be mainly topical on a rotating monthly basis. July for instance was called “Lost in Music” and films featured were the documentary Amy, about Amy Winehouse, Love & Mercy, a film about Brian Wilson and the music of the Beach Boys and Eden, based on the french electro and garage scene in the 1990’s, that spawned the band, Daft Punk, amongst others. All the films were excellent, I would recommend them all, and are shown on a regular basis throughout the month.

Manchester hasn’t lost an institution, The Corner House has just grown up and matured into a more mature sophisticated version of itself, a bit like the city in general.


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