Manchester Jazz Festival 2016 and All That Jazz

Being brought up by parents who dated in the 1950’s and frequented Jazz clubs in swinging Manchester, I’ve always loved that genre of music. At the nuptials of myself and Mr B, after attending Hayfield Jazz Festival we employed the talent of a duo of Jazz musicians who had recently graduated from Manchester Royal College of Music, who entertained us and our guests all throughout the day and beautifully filled that lul between the meal and the evening entertainment.

Fast forward 26 years and my favourite Radio show, that I force my 14 year old daughter to listen to as we drive home from the gym, is Jamie Cullum’s Jazz show, Radio 2 on Tuesday night, so another child gets turned on to Jazz and history repeats itself. I’m not sure if she actually enjoys it yet, but she’s stopped asking me to turn over to Capital Radio, which is promising?

Anyway where all this is leading to is that Manchester Jazz Festival starts again tomorrow until 31/7/16, when our city becomes host, across various venues to the many sounds that Jazz encapsulates. There are some free gigs, within Manchester’s Northern Quarter and some much anticipated well known Jazz musicians at popular venues such as Matt & Phreds Jazz club and Band on The Wall, which my parents used to frequent. There are talks and sophisticated afternoon sessions at The Midland Hotel and new talent from the newly graduated RNCM students.

In collaboration with the MJF, HOME are showing a series of Jazz related films, Jazz on Film highlights some classics such as Around Midnight and others which focus as much on beautiful cinematography, as the music, such as one of my favourite documentary’s,about Chet Baker, filmed by Bruce Weber, “Lets Get Lost”, magical.


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