Last year I was asked to style some shots for Dunelm and I must admit that I wasn’t overly impressed with the product then.

This season however, I have bought so many props from there, many of which would easily sit happily with much more expensive surroundings. If you look closely at what’s on offer you will seek out some little diamonds.

Here are just a selection of my favourite items currently on offer there.

Continuing with our love for vintage distressed rugs as seen above by Westelm, Dunelm have brought out this version below for just £125 for the largest size.


A version of this designer industrial style mirror can be bought for £45.00 from Dunelm.

Another continuing trend which Dunelm have picked up on is for supersize knits.

This Paignton hand knitted chunk throw below comes in cream and grey for just £45.00


A beautifully minimal copper lamp picking up on the scandi design trend is an online purchase only.

Float lamp £110.00



Yellow is one of this seasons colour trends and this felt wool cushion is just £10.00

Also worth checking out are their new furniture ranges.

This coffee table from their Pimlico range picks up on the current trend for brass while the Farringdon range below is a great affordable collection of industrial inspired loft style furniture.

What do you think about Dunelm Mill? Do you shop there or would you consider shopping there now?

All words and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

As an interiors stylist myself, I love looking at the work of other stylists who are at the top of their game, for inspiration. One of my very favourite stylists is Hans Blomquist whose instagram account is filled with beautiful dark hued images and textured walls, which have become his signature style.  If you want to learn a few styling tips from Hans, I highly recommend his book In Detail, which showcases many of his beautiful images.

These are some of my favourite images from that book.

Its no surprise then that Hans has collaborated with lime wash paint specialists Bauwerk, an Australian company that are now available to order in the UK here. His collection of 9 colours are inspired by his childhood in Sweden and his travels around the world working for clients such as Westelm and H&M.

The paints are made from calcium carbonate, a natural mineral containing no toxins or chemicals and provide a beautiful texture and depth to walls.Large samples of the colours painted onto card can be ordered on the Bauwerk website which are perfect for moving around a room at various times of the day to see how the colour will look in different lights.

Hans has recently written a new book “In the mood for colour” which I intend to buy to learn a little more from his tips and tricks of the trade.





As a freelance stylist I’m paid to shop. I’m forever trawling the High Street stores for that perfect piece that will look high end but be low budget. Budgets, don’t even get me started on those!

But most of us have budgets of our own right and there is nothing better than finding a designer rip off in your local supermarket or High Street shop.

So with that in mind, I though I’d start a mini blog series, called High Street Heroes and share with you some of the best pieces currently out there.

First up is French Connection. They are a brand known mainly for fashion, but over the last few years they have been bringing out a small but perfectly formed collection of homewares, as well as their sofa range for DFS.

French Connection have kept their collection very much on the theme of global inspired design. Many of these pieces would look perfectly at home in a Moroccan inspired interior or global boho style home as much as they would fit perfectly into a contemporary space.



I’ve recently bought quite a few pieces from French Connection for the client I am currently working with and I have been very impressed with the quality of the pieces, which are all beautiful and tactile, stylish and still a reasonably affordable price. This console table which is a favourite piece that I bought, has a parquet wooden top in a bleached drift wood finish, it is absolutely gorgeous and I just wish I could find room for it in our home?


I have done so much shopping for clients since the beginning of the year, that there is not much available on the High Street that I haven’t spotted or bought, so make sure to check in again for the next High Street heroes post.


According to Collins dictionary, the definition of a Midult is a 35 – 55 year old female, who is digitally literate, bored by Agas but obsessed with Instagram and has a large (debatable then?) disposable income.

Well that kind of makes me one then, apart from the large income? As a freelancer my income ebbs and flows like the tide but, I suppose, what it is saying is you earn relatively well and you are not accountable,in the main, for how you wish to spend it?

Like most woman of a certain age, I still love fashion and clothes, but had been conditioned to think that after the age of about 35, fashion rules shouldn’t be broken, otherwise you would and I quote, “end up looking like mutton dressed as lamb”

The rule book has now thankfully been torn up and thrown away, due to the rise and attitude of the Midult. As The telegraph magazine recently pointed out “In a world where 20 year olds have botox and 45 year old have braces fitted to their teeth” the boundaries no longer exist.

So what to wear when you are a Midult, that’s fashionably directional but that leaves your kids still happy to admit that you are their mother?

Here is my guide to the Midult kit. Based on some research, jumpsuits are still selling in their droves to this demographic, and based mainly on my own wardrobe staples. As a 52 year old, who fits the description almost perfectly of a Midult, these are all pieces I either own or intend to just as soon as that next big pay cheque comes in.

  1. Black Jumpsuit – Zara
  2. Wide leg culottes and oversized shirt – Zara
  3. Cropped Jeans – Zara
  4. Jumper – Bella Freud
  5. Converse leather trainers – Office
  6. Dungarees – La Redoute

Are you a Midult? Do you think the term should even exist or is age just irrelevant and attitude is all that counts?

I’d love to hear from you.

I am a Manchester girl, born and bred and I thought I knew my city pretty well. Not as well as I thought after a very insightful and entertaining tour with Manchester historian and journalist Jonathan Schofield?

Jonathan runs many tours and is editor of Manchester confidential, online magazine and blog about everything that is great about this city.

The tour started at The Portico Library, a building I have walked past many times and been told about many times over the years, but it was yesterday, with Jonathan, that I finally got to enter this magnificent historic building where many literary greats and historical figures of Manchester’s past were members. Names such as Elizabeth Gaskell, Sir Robert Peel and John Dalton have sat in these rooms, researching, writing and debating. It is small and intimate in size but grand on atmosphere and ambience with its dark book lined walls, gilt framed portraits and Georgian panelled windows gazing down below onto Moseley Street, once the grandest of Manchester roads.

After Jonathan regaled us with plenty of tales and anecdotes about the libraries previous history and members, we moved across the road to King Street,previously home to The Midland Bank, now Jamie Olivers restaurant. The bank was designed by architectural giant, Edward Lutyens and the bank vault, which was our point of discussion, was littered with simple details showing Lutyens attention to detail. Again many insightful stories were told about when the vault was cleared for the renovations of the restaurant to commence and what was found in the lockers. I won’t spoil Jonathan’s stories by telling all, you’ll have to go on the tour to find out? Safe to say the story is now Manchester legend.

After King Street we crossed over to Manchester Central Library, a building I have been to many times but of course, as this was a tour of Manchester architectural treasures, Jonathan didn’t show us the obvious rooms open to the public. Instead he took us to the top floor and the librarians office with far reaching views of Oxford Road beyond and told us the history of the Peterloo massacre and the belief that bodies from that siege remain under the stone pavings in front of the library!

Our final destination was The Hidden Gem church behind John Dalton Street. A lovely little church, as its name perfectly describes.

Jonathan runs many tours all very different in their themes but all, I’m sure, equally fascinating. I will definitely be going on more and if you’re thinking of a visit to Manchester in the future, I would highly recommend you try and fit one into your visit.