Brighton Rock 2011

I am so excited about the re-make of Brighton Rock which opens next Friday 4/2. The seaside setting and the retro styling is going to be such a visual treat and may do for the 1960’s what Mad Men has done for the 50’s. After reading some of the reviews and watching some of the films clips online it inspired me to create some design boards.

For the design board contents:

Guest House Chic

1) Concertina £88 per roll

2) Vintage lace collar-similar available from Carven £72

3) Ticking £19.50 per m

4) Vintage eiderdown-similar from

5) £49.95

6) Vintage print

7) Amelia £395.00

Brighton Rock

1) Red ticking £19.50 per m

2) Clothes- Richard Nicholl for Fred Perry

3)Wall £198.96

4)Wall Tile- The coastal collection £40.00

5) £695.00

6)Jacket-Marc Jacobs

7) from £1480.00

8)still from Brighton Rock 2011


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