Industrial Salvage

I’ve just had a visit to The Old Mill Antiques in Failsworth Oldham and found the most incredible selection of European Industrial Salvage. I have been looking for some textile factory  machinists chairs for around our kitchen table for about a year now but have been constantly been outbid on ebay and refuse to pay the prices at Baileys Homes & Gardens where I tracked some down.

The purveyor of all this treasure is a lovely guy called Andy who makes regular trips to Eastern Europe where he sources all things Factory from clocks to benches and everything in between. He also has the most amazing selection of industrial lighting and his prices are so reasonable. Obviously most of the things he has have been well used and show their age but that is the beauty of them and the original colours such as the dull green cabinets he has are hard to replicate. There’s quite a few things there with my name all over them and I’ll be back next week with my van to load up.


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