Jonathan Adler New London Store

I love the energy and humour of New York Potter Jonathan Adler’s work which he calls Happy Chic and on Saturday 1st october we were lucky enough to have his first UK store open in London.

Jonathan believes that colour and decoration acts as an anti depressant and by using colour in your home and being a maxamalist with decoration you should have a natural feeling of happiness when entering your home. There’s got to be an element of truth in this statement and it was certainly something the modernist architects of the 1930’s believed, that the space we lived in had an effect on our well being.

Jonathans home,which recently featured in Vogue Living, certainly brought a smile to my face and I love his whimsical pottery which is very much tongue in cheek. Just got to book that train ticket to London now!

Images above of Jonathans home. I love the David Hicks print stair carpet!

Some pieces of Jonathans pottery. Being a bookworm, I can see that Daschund gracing one of the shelves in my home


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