Fair weather camping~Berlin

After our trip to France, we have been looking at where we can go for our next city break. It’s almost 21 years since we last visited Berlin, just after the wall had come down and both myself and Mr B would love to re-visit and see what the changes are. There’s some fantastic hotels in Berlin but this one really appeals to the camper in me, especially as I am a fair weather camper.

The hotel was originally a vacuum cleaner factory and when the present owners took over. As they were reluctant to carve the space up, they came up with the idea of having the bedrooms as wooden cabin on wheels that could be moved around the space, then realised this already existed in the form of a caravan. There are now a mix of retro caravans and cabins which makes for a really sociable hotel. Not sure how family friendly it is but a definite for a couple looking for a hotel with a difference.



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