Follow Your Dreams

I can’t believe it’s nearly the close of another year. I would like to take the opportunity to use this post to thank everyone who has been following my blog both through google, twitter and Facebook.

I only started the blog in January, on the advice of a photographer and I have enjoyed writing it so much. I never thought this time last year, that I would be blogging and have had lots of lovely comments and interest from companies who have asked me to blog about their products. It’s been so nice to know there’s an audience out there and I look forward to connecting with more like minded people next year.

This year has been busy and varied and I still can’t believe that I am doing a job that I love so much. After many years (too many to remember) of working in finance, I took the plunge and went to University to study Interior design, a passion I have had since buying my first house. 20 years and 2 children later, I found myself surrounded by young students who had just left college, but I was fully embraced by them all and spent three fantastic, although very hard years, working to gain my degree.

Along the way I was lucky enough to work with Urban Splash and Harvey Nichols and can’t thank those people enough who made that a possibility. Lucy & curly Claire, a big big thank you!

My first job out of University was with the wonderfully eccentric photographer Tracey Gibbs, and I will always thank her for my break. I quickly found myself working for some of the best photographic studios in the North West and given responsibility I never could have imagined, designing studio sets and collating design boards for clients as well as styling the shots. I learnt from it all and can’t thank the photographers, art directors and account handlers enough for their support, patience (at times) and guidance but, most of all, their belief in me.

My University course leader always told me to aim high and it is something I have always tried to keep in mind. I would love to work on some more creative editorial shoots and that is my goal for 2012, so any photographers out there reading this who want to give me that chance, I would love to hear from you.

I always believe that you should follow your heart and it is never too late to do that. I’m looking forward to 2012 and what the next 12 months bring.

Happy new year to you all and if you have a dream, make the next year the one that you will make your dream a reality!

Some of this years work~A shoot for Design Sponge

Bedding for House of Fraser

A sliding storage system brochure

Thomas Sanderson shutters


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