Looking for the perfect sofa

I am feeling under pressure. In 7 days time our upholsterer is coming to pick up our beloved edwardian chesterfield for a facelift and I still haven’t pinned down the fabric colour I want!

In my heart I want a mustard velvet which would look divine against the inky dark blue wall, where it will sit. However my ever practical self is telling me to go for something more neutral like putty or grey, what to do? Any advice or suggestions would be welcome, so please leave me a comment.

In my quest for the perfect sofa I have come across some beautiful shapes and shades and here are the pick of my faves. I’ll keep you updated and upload an image onto my blog of the final choice.

Neutral shades and vintage style available from The French House


Baileys Home & Garden Loft Sofa, which we have sat on and seriously considered but couldn’t bare to part with our vintage version.


Loving this deep midnight blue colour and extremely practical for family living

The mustard velvet sofa which I am really coveting


Couldn’t resist uploading this simple and stunning sofa although it wouldn’t last 5 minutes in our house. It doesn’t look as though it would take children wrestling on it but one can dream!



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  1. Indianna 3 February, 2012 / 6:22 pm

    Can't wait to see which colour you went for. Lola will like it whatever the colour!

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