My new office

I must have been a very good girl this year, as santa has spoilt me rotten. As well as an ipad which I put on my wish list I was also treated to a new, well old new, desk which came from a farm estate in Cheshire, a 1930’s globe, which I have wanted for so, so long and some vintage metal filing draws, perfect for keeping my paint colour charts in which I am sure are breeding.

Hopefully this new office set up will inspire me to work extra hard this year and if I can stop looking at my globe, which has become a fascination, as so many countries have changed their names since the 30’s, my posts should come thick and fast during the next 12 months. Work is keeping me from posting for the next week but I’ll be back soon with any news, trends or anything that has caught my eye that I need to share with you.


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