Baileys Home & Garden

I’m probably preaching to the converted and everybody that reads this blog has more than likely already heard of Baileys Home & Garden or visited, but as they’ve just won the Telegraph best home wares retailer 2012 award, it has reminded me of what a fantastic interior shop and all round retail experience visiting them is, so I thought I would post a blog just in case any of you haven’t heard of them.

The shop or should I say, series of barns, is located just outside of Ross on Wye, in a beautiful rural part of the country. It is home to all things recycled, nostalgic and well designed. Not only can you buy a sofa or a 1930’s style bathroom, you can also pick up items that you never realised you needed but suddenly can’t live without, such as vintage french jam jars and wire stationary trays.

After the shopping experience, you can’t leave without trying the culinary experience in the Tabernacle Tearoom, which is a very cute, corrugated steel structure, completely kitted out in recycled materials and industrial salvage.


The Tabernacle Tearoom


Baileys Loft sofa, which has to be sat on to be believed. Probably the most comfortable sofa ever!


Now that’s why I needed those jam jars



Baileys sell a great collection of vintage style lighting and switches as well as lengths of plaited cable to complete the look.


Congratulations to Baileys, who so deserve their award, I’m only sorry I
don’t live closer but my bank manager is probably slightly relieved! 


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