Story London

Remember the blog I recently posted about storage? Well I’ve been practicing what I preach and after a visit to Ikea, I purchased some magazine storage files, as well as my own body weight in candles (don’t we all?) I have been gradually editing and filing away some of my 100’s of design magazines and I’ve also spent a few hours flicking through some of the old editions of Elle decoration, which is always great for research and inspiration.

A few years ago I read about a shop in London called Story which is located above a deli in Shoreditch and is beautifully curated by the owner, stylist and former fashion designer Ann Shore. Ann’s home really impressed on me at the time and as soon as I saw the images again, I wanted to share them with you.

Her home which she shares with her family, is so romantic and dream like, with collections of fabrics and found objects, displayed with the imagination of a true creative. Images such as these look easy to create, as though they have been thrown together, but as a stylist myself, I know they are far from easy. Ann has carefully kept the colour palettes neutral using natural materials, delicate lace and flowers and when she has used colour she has done so sparingly and colour blocked, using one colour intensively to create visual tableau displays. Living in this home must be like waking up in the middle of a midsummer nights dream, magical! 


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