Tim Walker Story Teller Exhibition

I have always loved fashion photography since I started reading and collecting Vogue back in the early 80’s and I love none better than the brilliant Tim Walker. His whimsical images are pure fantasy plucked from his vivid imagination and brought to life with the help of his hugely talented set design team. Many of the shots are taken using the backdrop of the English countryside and English country houses, influenced by his upbringing on the Devon/Dorset border and it is this backdrop that enhances the beautifully eccentric images and makes them so quintessentially British.

A new exhibition of his work opens on October 18th at Somerset House and is accompanied by a book of the same name, “Time Walker Story Teller.” Now that’s a definite for my Christmas list.


This image was influenced by Guy Bourdin’s work from the 1970’s


A very rare self portrait


Not a great lover of Photoshop, Tim Walker still works with film and has all his props made. This flying saucer was held up by a pole which was digitally removed after the shot was taken(ok so a little Photoshop!)


This shot was taken on a newly constructed motorway whilst it was shut over the weekend



In more recent years Tim has shot a number of table top portraits, including the late great Alexander McQueen and the equally great Vivienne Westwood.



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