Independent shops 1 ~ Hurricane Chorlton Manchester

I’m a huge fan of Mary Portas and all she is trying to do for our ailing High Street and markets.  When ever I can, I try to spend my hard earned cash at small independent shops, local to my area which is so important if we want to keep them.

This weekend I took a trip to Beech Road in Chorlton Manchester, which is full of sole traders, selling interesting and unusual, gifts & clothes all mixed in between independent bars and cafes. You can easily spend a few hours just wandering up and down this small road, set back from the main High Street and I hardly ever come home empty handed. One of the shops which has endured the ups and downs of the economic climate, largely due to it’s ever changing stock, much of which is made in the UK and some even local to Manchester, is Hurricane.

If any of you watch the TV series, Mount Pleasant, you may recognise Beech Road as the back drop to the drama and Hurricane for it’s bright blue facade and pavement flower stall. As well as gifts, cards, lighting and jewellery, there is now a small selection of unique clothing in the small back room of the shop.


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