Make Do & Mend – Re-Upholstery

A few months back I was asked to style a new advertising campaign for Plumbs Ltd, a traditional family run upholstery business. They wanted to promote a branch of their business, which gave their clients the opportunity to re-upholster a well loved piece of furniture, in a range of fabrics, by one of their time served crafts people.

It’s a craft that is becoming once again desirable as we begin to appreciate heritage pieces, with a history and longevity. Discarding good, solid pieces of furniture on a whim, when a new trend or colour becomes the new thing to have, suddenly appears distasteful, in the current climate and with land fill escalating, so Plumbs have really tapped into our conscious with this idea.

The shots were taken in a beautiful period house in a Lincolnshire village and we had a lot of fun creating the images and working with the client to help their brand reach a wider audience. 


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