Sarah Strachan Hand made dolls

As I’m on the subject of crafting and also thinking about my Christmas gift list for friends and family, I just had to post some images of these beautiful hand made dolls I found on the Selvedge website. They are made by Sarah Strachan, who previously helped make puppets for Jim Hensons studio, of the muppets fame.

Each of the dolls fall into seperate themes which Sarah has created, such as vintage dolls,old fashioned school girls and romantic dolls, which were inspired by a box of old fabric and lace that Sarah’s mother gave her.

They are expensive but, justifiably so, as so many hours of work and expertise have been applied in their making. These dolls are future heirlooms and would make wonderful new baby or christening gifts and would be appreciated and loved by all age groups. I would love any of them for myself and although I’m a hoarder, I’ve never been a collector of anything. I think this just might be about to change?

Old fashioned school girls


fashion dolls~which were commissioned by The Cross in London


Vintage dolls. The clothes are created using vintage fabric from the 1950’s and 60’s.


Romantic dolls~ the clothes are fashioned from vintage christening gowns and antique lace.


Another doll commissioned by The Cross, which is wearing a miniature version of one of their cashmere dressing gowns.


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  1. Berg Araujo 30 May, 2014 / 6:28 pm

    Hi I´m from Brazil and I´d like to know if you can sell ou send me by email the pattners of these dolls, please?
    My name is Rolemberg Araújo and my email address is
    thanks and congratullations for yor job!

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