On Tuesday the last typewriter made in Britain, at the Brother factory in Wrexham, rolled of the production line and straight to the Science Museum, where it will be displayed.

I suppose it’s inevitable with all the modern technology we have but there is something so nostalgic about the sound of a typewriter and the sight of ink on paper. Type writers and American type writer font have become popular over the last few years with vintage junkies and, my own charity shop bargain, purchased about 5 years ago for my daughter to play with, has pride of place on top of a bookcase in our hall and has been used as a prop many times on photo shoots.

With type writers in the news this week, what better time to have a look at some of the lovely type writer inspired goodies out there.


This lovely printed cushion is from http://www.acaciadesignltd.com/


There are lots of pieces of jewellery available made from vintage type writer keys and this cute brass

necklace comes complete with typed letter. Available from Rose & grey

A friend of mine is getting married next year and these are lovely ideas for place cards and wedding wish notes to leave for the bride and groom



My ipad case (ok it’s really a laptop case but I fell in love) was from Ted Baker last year but is still available from other online stores


Every home should have one!


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