Little Greene Paint Company launch London III Wallpaper collection

The Little Greene Paint Company have recently launched their new collection of wallpapers at Maison & Object in Paris.

The range named London III are all referenced from period houses and archives and redesigned by the company, with English Heritage, in a range of new colours, some typical of the original and some using more contemporary tones.

My favourite is Wilton in Sovereign, featured below, which is inspired by a popular design of flocked wallpaper.


High Street Shown in Eden in the foreground and lavender in the background


Crowe Lane shown in Paradise


New Bond Street was designed using a fragment of leather wall hanging from the archives of English Heritage. Previously to wallpaper being used, embossed leather panels were sewn together and hung to decorate walls, although this was a very expensive practice and reserved for the wealthy.


North End Road, shown here in Mischief, originated from a West London home owned by an antique dealer. It was discovered only when the dealership closed in the 1990’s.

Crooms Hill, was designed using an original piece of paper discovered in the house of a Vicar from Crooms Hill, Greenwich. The scenes on the wallpaper are thought to have depicted the travels of the vicar.


Grosvenor Street, shown in Alchemy


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