Bar & Night Club Design

I’ve been asked by an upholsterer friend if I would be interested in redesigning a night club for a client of hers. I’m not really sure if it’s going to be possible due to other work commitments and as a mum of two, it’s not really a domain I’m familiar with any more, but I’ve been having a think about it and may just produce some design boards for the client to give him some ideas.

Some of the images I’ve been looking at have really helped to inform me what elements are important to get the correct ambience, so crucial to a bar, restaurant or club environment.

Lighting is probably the most important element of the design and can be used to zone specific areas of importance, such as the bar or VIP areas. Dark seductive colours and materials are crucial and reflective wall coverings such as mirrored walls will help to reflect any available light which will be subdued generally. A feeling of luxury or decadence is also vital. Here are some of the clubs and bars that have inspired me.


Mirrored walls are a useful tool to reflect extra light and make a space look bigger.


Ceilings are an often overlooked and neglected area of design in a room and can add interest and drama


This glitter wall is just the right side of kitsch


Lights can be used to zone areas


I love the use of these wine crates and they would make a great material to clad the bar in.

Although these last three images are more suited to bar design I love the black & white colour palette. They almost look as though the images have been taken using black & white film. Very striking and effective!


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