Chinese new Year & Eastern style

This Sunday is Chinese new year and 2013 celebrates the year of the snake, which means a year of steady progress and attention to detail.

If you live near any large city and are lucky enough to have a China town, within that city, the celebrations are well worth a visit. We are extremely lucky, living in Manchester, to have one of the largest China
towns in the country and we have taken our children and nephews and
nieces, when they were younger, many times to watch the dragon entering,
the restaurants and cafes to bring luck for the new year. The ceremony
is really exciting to watch and then all the restaurants fill up with
families feasting on Dim Sum and other exotic Chinese dishes, it’s a
great day for all the family.

If you want to bring a little Chinese style into your home there are lots of timeless designs that can give it an element of Eastern promise and the Pantone colour of the year, Emerald is the perfect tone to add a touch of Chinoiserie.

One of my favourite stylists and author of many design books is Aussie Sibella Court who uses lots of global accents in her designs, inspired by her travels and many visits, in particular to the East. Her books Etc and Nomad, featuring global style show us how to mix Chinese elements into a modern interior.


The images above are from Sibella’s own home.


 A design she worked on for an Australian restaurant, Mr Wongs. I love the vintage Shanghai girl stenciled onto the brick wall, beautiful!

Use tones of green, from emerald, jade and celadon to bring a hint of the orient onto your home.

My own little oriental treasures picked up from car boots and vintage stores.


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