Independant shops ~ Le Chien et Moi

Last month Vogue magazine listed their choice of 100 best independant shops outside of London.

Sometimes you read about some where that is so beguiliing you just have to go or know more about it and out of the 100 shops mentioned, Le Chien et Moi in Nottingham really stood out for me.

It is a shop that sells vintage and reclaimed, gifts and homewares and is curated in such a stylish and appealing way. It reminds me very much of Baileys Home & Garden, which is another gem of a shop that Vogue have recommended and a store that I have visited several times.

Here are some images of Le Chien et Moi. Le Chien, by the way, does exist in the form of a very cute bassett hound, named Mulberry.

Check out their beautifully creative website for a taste of their style and also a mini movie of Mulberry.



  1. 18 April, 2013 / 4:40 pm

    How much is that bike at the window – do you know? When I lived there, I used to pass by the store once a week but it never occurred to me to check it out. But the bike is still fresh on my mind:)

  2. 18 April, 2013 / 6:49 pm

    Hi, I'm really sorry but I don't know how much the bike is as I haven't visited the shop. I live in Manchester but read about the store when Vogue mag voted it one of the best independent shops in the UK. I love an independent store and try and promote the good ones when ever I can by writing a blog post. It's really important, I think, to try and keep our High Street alive. I do go to Newark quite often though to the International Antique fairs held there, so I do intend to visit Nottingham, one fine day and check out this shop. Out of interest how long ago was it that you lived there? Thanks for taking the time to drop me a line x

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