Lo Fi Living Trend

Last month Kate Moss was photographed and featured in Grazia magazine having a Lo Fi break in the sun.Apparently to go hand in hand with her new healthy living regime she was staying at a spa where there was no wi fi or mobile connection.

There appears to be something in the air and I know myself I have felt over loaded recently with the constant technology fix I keep feeding myself. So over loaded in fact, that I disabled my Facebook account just after Christmas, so tired was I of spending hours every week just catching up on what all my friends and acquaintances were doing. The stupid thing about it was that most of the people I was following were colleagues or good friends who I meet for coffee on a regular basis and I found that when I met them or rang them for a chat, all their news was old news as I had already read it on social net working sites.

Don’t get me wrong, these sites serve a very good purpose and I, as a blogger understand they are important for spreading the word and crucial if you have a small, independent business, but I have felt really liberated since I stopped reading all the tittle tattle and I have more time for blogging, reading, watching Sky Arts and generally doing all the things that I enjoy so much more.

Anyway it seems that me & Mrs Hince are not alone and that Lo Fi Living is trending right now and has been steadily growing for the last year, according to the trend forecasters at The Future Lab. They say being unavailable is now becoming more trendy than being available 24/7 and there is a growing disenchantment with everything digital. It looks then, as though we will see a growing number of celebrities checking into these spas and retreats, that shun mobiles and social networking.

If you need further proof of this trend, Selfridges in London, have just opened a silence room, where you remove your shoes and phones before entering. The room is womb like with low lighting and comforting felt seats and for the length of time you are in there, you must remain silent. It was an idea first introduced by Harry Selfridge when he opened his store, as we know everything is cyclical?



The sale of Vinyl records is on the increase and I’ve noticed the yoga classes at my health club, have never been so well attended. People are dropping in, switching off and tuning out, even if it’s only for an hour. Crafting and sewing classes are the new going out and the local branch of my WI has a waiting list.

I’ll leave you with a quote from 007 himself Daniel Craig “Social networking? Just call each other up, go to the pub and have a drink.” I think I just love him a little bit more now!


When myself and Mr B fancy a coffee and a chat, our favourite cafe du jour is On The Corner in Chorlton Manchester, where they play and sell vinyl and make the best coffee I have tasted in a long time. Costa who??


If your going to Cornwall this summer, check out jam Records and cafe in Falmouth another shop full of vinyl heaven, good coffee and cakes and retro furniture. Its where my best friend and I go to catch up or F… witter as she likes to call it!! Now that’s something you can only do over coffee and not on a networking site if you ask me. Call me old fashioned?


If you’re in London, this lovely florist, come cafe, come home made cake emporium is a great way to kick back for an hour. You Don’t Bring me Flowers have a no wi fi rule, play only vinyl again & have a 1960’s espresso machine which they claim makes every coffee they make unique.


Another great date night if you live in Manchester. Chorlton Film Institute meets once a month at St Clements Church Chorlton, Manchester, showing arthouse film for a £5.00 entrance fee. There is a small bar in the foyer of the church and then you take your seats in the pews for the performance. Word of warning, if you go in the winter months, take a blanket!



  1. Indianna 19 February, 2013 / 8:44 am

    These all look interesting places, enjoy your chill out time.

  2. Karen Barlow 20 February, 2013 / 8:30 am

    I am very much enjoying my down time but not for long now, back on a long shoot week after next! Hope you ok, not long until your trip now?

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