Salvage Hunting

It’s a big celebration day today in Holland as Queen Beatrix abdicates and her son Willem Alexander becomes the first King of Holland since 1890. Today is also Vrijmarket day in Holland which translates as free market and it is the one day of the year that every resident of Holland is allowed to set up a stall or blanket outside their home, in the local parks or on the streets of the cities, to sell their unwanted items. It sounds like one amazing day to me and reminds me of Lille in France, when their city is taken over for three days every September to become one huge flea market.

I’m always on the look out for vintage and industrial props and am forever scouring flea and antique markets, for the unusual and the pre loved item that will really enhance an image with character and personality.

At the moment, I am shooting the look books for a large retailer, which will be sent to the press to show case their new interior products for the forthcoming season and these are some of the props I am seeking out.


Anything botanical is very current for styling trends at the moment

Rusty wirework


Industrial graphics, stenciled numbers and I’m like a magnet to them


Old leather or vellum suitcases 


I love the use of brown paper props on this image, created by stylist Sibella Court


Galvanised metal and worn wood, beautiful


The rusty hinges on this chest add depth and texture


Beautiful collection of metal, basket ware and fabrics


Anything pre loved and pre used is perfect


Vintage type writers make great props


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