Sofia Coppola Style

As you know by now, I am a guest at my good friends wedding on Saturday. I have had many days tramping around the shops, the length and breadth of The North West of England ,trying to find a suitable wedding outfit.

Now anybody that knows me, knows that my style is casual and comfortable and what I would define as tomboy style for the most part. For me trying to find what is traditionally acceptable for a wedding has been a task that has almost put me off shopping for clothes for life. Only today I spent a couple of hours trying to find wraps and dainty bags to go with my chosen dress, when all I wanted to buy were nautical striped jackets and satchels, nearly there, so near and yet still so far.

“Stay true to your style”, my friends keep telling me when I bore them stupid, yet again, about my angst in trying to find the perfect outfit. Anyway after seeing the images of Sofia Coppola at The Cannes Film festival, which lets be honest, expects a little bit more effort in dressing for the camera’s, than a summer wedding, I have been left feeling comforted. Sofia, has stayed true to her style, which is pared down, stylish and a little bit tomboy but, more importantly she looks like her and she looks great. Thanks to Sofia, I’m now feeling relaxed and looking forward to the big day, in my casual dress, lack of sequins and vertical heels and if in doubt will slick on the red lipstick, which Sofia does to pull it all together, in her sleek and sassy way.


Sofia in Louis Vuitton at this years Cannes Film festival



She never really steers away from a monochrome palette, which is reassuring as I’m going for Navy and Cream.


If in doubt vamp it up with the lips, never fails.


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