The Great Gatsby

I can’t wait for next Thursday and the release of Baz Luhrmann’s latest extravaganza, The Great Gatsby.

If I could have lived in any era it would have been the roaring twenties. All that decadance, dancing and champagne, simply divine darlings! Of course I would have had to have been as rich as the guests at Gatsby’s parties to have lived that life style, but a gal can dream.

I remember seeing the 1970’s screen adaption, when I was a little girl, starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow and it must have left a big impression on me, as ever since I have been obsessed with Art Deco and the era.

When I got married, 23 years ago this year (I can hardly believe I am saying that) meringue wedding dresses were what all the fashionable brides were wearing, but I only tried one dress on and ordered it the same day, to be sent from America. It was a 1920’s style cocktail dress, in cream chiffon layers, embroidered with sequins and bugle beads. I wore it with satin Mary Jane shoes and a cream floppy hat from Harvey Nichols in London. I traveled to the church in a vintage cream Bentley and we had a jazz band play for us at the wedding breakfast. I was Daisy Buchanan for the day and I loved it!


Of course I’ll have to go and see the film a few times over to get my deco fix, all the costumes, the jewellery and the sets can’t be taken in and admired at one screening. If you want to bring some Deco style into your home, now is a good time as the stores are full of products echoing the 1920’s. I’ve put together some of my favourites.

  1.  Banana Leaf Wallpaper by Neisha Crosland 
  2. Glass Light~Amazon
  3. Ellis Chair~Laura Ashley
  4. Rug by Neisha Crosland~The Rug Company
  5. Amelie Furniture~Graham & Green
  6. Earrings~ Butler & Wilson
  7. Glass perfume bottle~Not On The High Street
  8. Swarovski clutch~Butler & Wilson
  9. Champagne bucket~John Lewis

 This weekend I’ll be busy finishing my copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, just to wet my appetite. Toodle pip peeps!


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