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It’s not long now to go before Kate & William welcome their new baby Prince or Princess into the world! It’s so exciting waiting for your baby to arrive and especially when it’s your first, you have the luxury of time on your hands to think about every last detail and plan the nursery.

I’ve been lucky enough to have both a boy and a girl so have been able to unleash all my design ideas for a nursery a few times over and now as a stylist, I quite often get asked to design nurseries for clients.

Designing a nursery for a newborn, has to be aesthetic, both for you as parents, and to stimulate, as well as calm your baby ,but it also has to be practical. You need a place to sit and feed your baby, some where to change them, the room needs to have adequate window dressing so that it remains dark and suitable flooring for warmth, comfort and sound proofing. I remember bringing my first born home only to realise that the beautifully restored floorboards in his room creaked every time I crept out and woke him up again!!

If you know the sex of your baby before the birth, you can obviously design the room accordingly but, if you want to keep it neutral, there is nothing more calming and serene than an all white room. Maybe it’s the nordic in me, my surname before I married was Norwegian, but I love white rooms, although I can’t live with them, due to our frenetic household, but in an ideal world, that would be my choice.

Here are some images that caught my eye and some I created for clients.

Lilac and grey are lovely calming colours for a nursery

This is a more grown up alternative for a nursery and can easily be adapted into a bedroom when they grow

Nautical themes are a classic choice for a boy

A very smart contemporary nursery

I love this combination of red, pinks and orange

Neutrals work well for both sexes

I know I said I love white for a nursery, but as an alternative this is fab!

Scandi cool, beautiful!

How cute are these shelves?

A couple of my nursery shots for clients


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