Gingers Comfort Emporium Ice cream

Manchester is not the sort of place you would associate with ice cream. That would normally be some where coastal like cornwall or even rural, a scenic county, where cattle roam?

Well you may be surprised to hear that currently roaming the streets of Manchester, is a pink vintage   ice cream van that goes by the name of Ginger and her owner Claire kelsey, can be found dispensing some of the most unusual and interesting flavours of ice cream from her emporium.

Claire can be found most weekends at local festivals and events, in fact she’ll be parked up at Albert Square for the next two weekends as part of Manchester International festival. This summer she is also travelling a bit further afield, to some of the larger music festivals such as kendal Calling, to take her culinary delights to a wider audience. This is not ice cream as we know it, with names such as Chorlton Crack, Build a Rocket Boys and Greene meanie, which uses absinthe as a base, these ices are aimed at a more discerning, adult palette.

Claire has recently launched her first book “Melt” which aims to dispel some of the myths that making home made ice cream is complex, by bringing us simple delicious recipes, that don’t need expensive machinery to make. If you live in the Manchester area, she offers a home delivery service and can cater for events.


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