Designer pet Accessories

It seems to me that lately the world has gone dog mad. No longer is it acceptable to have just any old pooch either. Unless you have a pug, daschund or cockapoo, you’re just not cutting the mustard!

Along with the desire to have a dog there comes a long list of designer dog accessories. Up and down the country dog boutiques have sprung up, complete with designer beds, bowls and collars.

Mungo & Maud is a lovely pet boutique in London with everything available online

If you’re in Hebden Bridge you would be most welcome with our without your dog in The Lampost Cafe, which also sells a range of dog accessories by Mutt & Hounds and caters for your dog with home made vegetarian treats.

Dog bed & collars from Mutt & Hounds

Although my children are constantly demanding a pup of their own, we have a cat, her name is Lola (she was a showgirl!) and she is my only excuse at the moment for abstaining from giving in to the little blighters. However, as our kitchen renovation is now underway and our beautiful maple parquet floor has been restored to its original glory, Lola’s metal cat feeding bowls suddenly don’t suit our grand design and I’ve been looking around for something altogether more stylish. Seeing as the kitchen is her domain and the place for her twice daily feeds and regular naps, I’m looking to upgrade on her pet accessories.

Here’s what I’ve found available.

All of the above available online from Mungo & Maud

Wooden bowls from Make Me Something Special

Cat bowl available from Not on The High Street

I couldn’t let you go without showing you a picture of the lovely Miss Lola


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