New year Thoughts and Hopes

Happy new Year to all of you and I hope it is a happy and healthy one for us all as 2014 unfolds.

I always welcome this time of year, as an opportunity for my mind to relax and quiten and think about things clearly, which is almost impossible when work, family and other commitments are constantly requiring your time and attention.

In my line of work, as a stylist, January is traditionally a quiet time in most photography studios and this gives me the luxury of re-assessing where I’m going, where I’ve been and crucially where I want to be in the future. As I pass a milestone birthday this May, time seems to be constantly on my mind, and how quickly it passes and how it is even more important that I spend it productively, whilst also taking time to smell the roses.

Yesterday while I was out walking, I thought about some of things I want to achieve, just this month, while I am not preoccupied with work. I want to get my life more organised, sort out my finances and my wardrobe, declutter my home and simplify everything. Even just renovating our kitchen and throwing away old cookery books, pans and tea towels that we no longer use or like has made my time in the kitchen such a pleasure. Every item seems to have a purpose and there is a place for everything and for once everything is in its place. No mean feat, if you know me!

The meadows across the road from our house looked stunning yesterday in the low,afternoon, winter sun.

A fantastic way of clearing your mind and one that really works for me is the practice of yoga. I have been fortunate to meet some amazing yoga teachers over the years, and although it is not a constant practice, due to other commitments, it is one I have returned to in times of stress or just needing to rebalance. Whilst reading Elle Decoration Country (volume 3) the other day, I came across this yoga retreat on the Dorset Coast. The retreat is the home of yoga teacher Kristine Ross and is so pared back and simple in its style, it would be impossible not to feel a sense of calm during your visit.

I’m not sure yet how I want to mark my special birthday, but if I decide that a weekend dancing in Ibiza or a few days shopping in New York are not what I want to do, I might visit this retreat and do some navel gazing and plan the next part of lifes journey? Who knows what 2014 will bring and that in itself is exciting?


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