Chinese new Year 2014 in Manchester

Thanks to the Chinese community of Manchester we had a great day out today in the city, joining in the celebrations for the year of the horse.

The dragon dances in & out of all the local restaurants & businesses bringing good luck for the forthcoming year. Its difficult to capture him with all the crowds and the firecrackers going off and the noise is deafening with the constant sound of drums being banged but the atmosphere is great.

As everybody queues to get into the restaurants, the street vendors provide hot & tasty food to go.

There are lots of souvenirs to buy from lucky cats, chinese lanterns and paper dragons.

The supermarkets are all open every Sunday and are stocked full of every type of East Asian food.

Happy new Year!


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  1. Anonymous 10 February, 2014 / 10:08 am

    Hi Karen,

    great that you have captured this. Unfortunately we weren't able to visit Manchester for Chinese New Year this time and so it is good to see Chinese New Year on photo. Thanks.

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