Letterpress Posters From The White Company

I loved these images that were posted by The White Company showing the creation of their new range of art posters, designed by Huw Griffith and printed by Clerk Ink Well.

The posters are created on a vintage letterpress, using fruit wood printing blocks and hand mixed vegetable dye inks, making them extremely environmentally friendly.

Due to the nature of the printing and the machinery used, which is hand operated, each poster has an individual feel, with no two looking the same and slight imperfections that give them character. Such an artisan technique behind the making of these posters makes them worth owning. Art should have a soul behind the making of it and how much more personality do these pieces have than the so called art work that adorn walls, bought without thought and thrown into a trolley on the way round the big blue & yellow out of town store? I know which one I’d prefer?


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