The Cheshire Smoke House

On Saturday we took a trip to The Cheshire Smokehouse which had come highly recommended to us by other food obsessed friends.

Almost everything sold on the premises has been made or produced in house and all other produce is locally sourced or handpicked by a specialist team.

The bakery provides artisan breads handmade & fresh every day, along with a gorgeous selection of cakes, pastries and local delicacies such as potato cakes. We visited quite late on Saturday afternoon so much of the bread was already sold, I think the moral here is, get up earlier & stop lounging around in our pyjamas all morning?

Upstairs you’ll find a small cafe which serves until 4.00pm with a selection of the produce sold downstairs. If you want to buy a bottle of wine from downstairs and have a glass or two with your meal you can do this, for a small corkage charge.

We were told prices were high but to be honest if you pay for organic and free range with your usual shop, you won’t find the prices here any higher than the supermarkets, but you have the added knowledge of knowing exactly where the produce has come from and how it has been made.


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