The Little House ~ Brighton

I’m not turning into an estate agent, honestly and I can assure you I have no financial or personal interest in this house that I am going to share on the blog today. Sometimes though you just come across a house so beautiful that you are compelled to write about it.

This Little house is in the North Laines area of Brighton and as well as being beautifully proportioned with a stunning interior it also happens to be for sale. So for some lucky person or family it will become home. Well a girl can dream?

The designers behind this simple and elegant interior are the ladies behind Brighton store iGigi. No surprise then that it has a pared back and simple charm, with accents of natural textures such as bare plaster walls and honey toned woods. I think my favourite part of the house, if I had to choose, would be the wrought iron panels on the side of the staircase, left in their time worn state.

Every attention to detail has been thought through. The small court yard garden has been transformed to a mediterranean style haven.

How lovely would it be to move into a house like this, where all you had to do was hang your clothes, kick off your shoes and open the champagne?

Full details of the house can be found on iGigi’s blog.



  1. Anonymous 19 June, 2014 / 10:27 am

    Hi Karen,

    what a beautiful house so simple and elegant and not to mention chic. The tones are beautiful and so restful.

  2. Karen Barlow 21 June, 2014 / 12:20 pm

    It's a beautiful home and some lucky person will be able to call it theirs. You could just imagine sitting in that courtyard garden on a summer day and drifting off to sleep in a hammock, who would think it was in England?

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