Fringe Benefits

As I turned a milestone birthday this May and had a few different celebrations to mark the occasion, I’ve seen lots of photographs of myself lately, which is something I don’t normally encourage. Some people look great in photos but I am not ones of those fortunate people and am not particularly photogenic.

Anyway what I did notice from the photos was that my middle parted, boho messy hair, was doing nothing for my mature features and although it looks great on girls and ladies of a younger generation, it was maybe time for a change. After a trip to the hairdressers I emerged with a slight fringe. Nothing too severe and the sort of fringe that looks as though it is growing out slightly, but it is a definite improvement. Fringes seem to wave a magic wand and give the appearance of youth and as all my favourite muses seem to have had one at some time or another, I’m in good company.

Alexa Chung and Charlotte Gainsbourg images by Vogue


Sienna Miller has opted for a more chic style than her usual boho centre parting

Brigitte Bardot & Francoise Hardy sporting perfect French casual bangs.

Two recent images from Elle showing the fringe is the perfect accessory for A/W ’14


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