2015 Home Interior Trends

As an interiors stylist much of my work involves styling products for large commercial retail companies.  The buyers always have to be ahead of the game as far as trends go, so that they buy into the ones that are going to be the most popular with the public.

Trend forecasting companies work a couple of years ahead of the buyers to put the emerging trends into categories to make their choices easier. These trends are not just picked from thin air,as I used to think before I was a stylist, but often derive from a general mood that is driven by world politics, economics or events.

One of the main trends that appears to be emerging for 2015 is a sense of human empathy. One of the large retail companies I work for are calling it Gathering which translates roughly to a meeting of minds and sharing the joy of life. In essence it’s all about shared times with loved ones, cooking and eating with family and friends, human communication, restoring trust and faith in relationships.

As a recent newcomer to Instagram, I see this as a perfect tool for sharing with like minded people whether that be crafters, cooks, designers, photographers or other parents sharing moments with their families. For me instagram has the human touch which other social networking sites are lacking and it seems a very positive community, sharing appreciative comments and likes that always bring a smile to my face.

So for 2015 I’m looking forward to more sharing and caring with my family and friends old and new and my “never met, but know I would really like” friends on Instagram. This is one trend I’m definitely buying into!


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