Quick and Simple ways to make your Christmas Gift Wrap look special

If like most people around the world tonight you are still busily wrapping gifts for loved ones, here a few quick and simple ideas to make your parcels look like you’ve given them the 5 star treatment.

I always try and stick to a simple colour palette. This year its been red, but black & white or brown paper always look stylish and you can add elements of nature from your garden or gathered on a walk which will beautifully enhance your gift wrap.

I tend to use brown luggage tags to write the receivers name on and then swap the plain string with red and white butchers twine. Any small parcels can be put in a paper bag and tied again with decorative twine. I’ve used red and white humbug striped bags from Papermash but small brown paper carrier bags look just as good and you can trim the handles off and fold the top over and thread the string through two holes using a hole punch.

This year, for the childrens parcels, I bought a pack of red and white jingle bells for £1 from the pound shop and again replaced the cheap silver string with the red and white twine. marshmallow Christmas Lollipops are a fun thing to add on the top of your parcel too. Waitrose have some lovely snowflake ones for £1.

For a fragrant and festive addition to your parcel add eucalyptus branches, circles of rosemary, branches of berries or thread string through these orange zest stars, made using a cookie cutter and tie around your parcel.

Excuse the bad lighting, theres not much natural lighting around these days!

For a very quick and easy personalised gift wrap, I made this paper last year for my daughter. Simply made in PhotoShop or Word, choose a font and colour and arrange the name of your choice all over an A4 or A3 template, depending on your printer. Finish with ribbon. I keep a box of humbug striped ribbons for Christmas gifts. Simple stripes in black & white or red & white always look festive.

Have fun and enjoy your last but one evening before the big day! 



  1. Emma 23 December, 2014 / 9:16 pm

    I always use brown luggage tags too, and swap the string for twine, but I love the bag idea, and I didn't realise you could buy them. I'll definitely be using that idea next year! Happy Christmas, Emma x

  2. Karen Barlow 8 January, 2015 / 7:22 pm

    Hi Emma, thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment, always so nice to receive.I bought my twine for £2 from Liberty about 2 years ago and its still going strong!! its so versatile isn't it and makes everything look chic x

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