Rustic Prairie Wedding Styling ~ Rose & Grey Jam Jar Vases

Spring is often the start of the wedding season and as my niece is getting married this year wedding styling has been the topic of conversation for quite a few months.

Sara & her beau are getting married in a barn and want a rustic wedding which is often termed “Prairie Style” and when online retailer Rose & Grey asked me if I would like to take part in their bloggers styling challenge, using three of their vintage inspired jam jar vases, the first idea that sprang to mind, was prairie style wedding flowers.

This trend features lots of natural textures, fitting with a rustic country setting and vintage props such as wooden crates, old typewriters, blackboards and of course jam jar vases.

So with lots of natural materials in hand, such as sack cloth, vintage lace and jute string, I set about creating three different looks to decorate the wedding tables.

These are the finished results, all different but all within the same rustic theme.

In a new blog post I’ll talk through how to create each one, in case any of you are involved with styling a wedding or would like to create something similar for your own summer party? They are quick, easy and so cheap to make and use hardly any flowers so cut the cost of this big part of the wedding expense enormously.


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