Iris Apfel – Fashion Muse, Interior Designer and Total Inspiration

I’ve just been to see the documentary film Iris, about Iris Apfel the fashion inspiration and muse currently creating a storm within the fashion industry.

The fashion industry have finally cottoned on to the fact that the people who have the most spending power are the older generation. Ladies who have worked hard, been at the top of their game and are not content to suddenly become invisible because a certain industry, and younger generation tells them they should. 

Iris is one of a growing number of older ladies, much in demand by photographers, magazines and fashion houses. She has even had her own one woman exhibition, which showcased at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York, exhibiting a selection of her incredible clothes and accessories amassed over decades of travel,which she sourced, when she scoured the globe as an interior designer. It was during these trips, that she began to collect amazing jewellery and artefacts, robes and fabrics, that have become her signature and totally unique style.

This film is a delight from every aspect. If you’re interested in fashion, of course you will love it, but it also shows the life of a fantastic, feisty woman, who defies the rules of anything, from what we perceive as taste, to what we think is age appropriate to wear. This gal doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks and it makes you feel so empowered after watching it.

She’s funny, very kind and totally FAB-U-LOUS. A film everybody should see. If you go in to watch it feeling old and that your better years are behind you, you’ll come out feeling reborn!


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