A DIY Space Saving Pegboard Christmas Tree – Rose & Grey Styling Challenge

Rose & Grey, the online retailers, for quirky home accessories, love throwing a styling challenge gauntlet down to bloggers and this month, I was asked by them to take part in styling their white pegboard by Block, using a Christmas theme of my choice.

My teenage daughter, Amber, will make great use of this pegboard in her bedroom, which is perfect for storing all her jewellery & hair accessories, but for now I’ve tranformed it into a Christmas tree for her bedroom, which is always short on space, her being a typical hoarding teenage girl. So armed with string, baubles and a star, I set about creating.

The tree is so easy to make using bakers twine to thread through the holes and topped with a felt star I could see it taking shape.

 If I’d had more time to design the finished tree, I would have changed the red and white bakers twine for black & white, to make it more contemporary, but as working mums know, time is not always on our side and the red string was in my cupboard of props already. It’s available along with other colours from Papermash. You could also use metallic thread for a bit more bling, there are lots available here on Etsy.

The white board comes complete with wall fixings and a selection of  15 coloured painted pegs, so that items such as the baubles, £1.00 for a pack of 9, from Sainsburys, can be hung and Amber can add more decorations, of her choice, to the tree.

She loves decorating her bedroom around Christmas time with fairy lights and cards from her friends, she’s definitely a mini me and always has a small artificial tree, on her dressing table or window sill, but this is such a great space saving idea and can be propped on a shelf or wall hung, minimising any more clutter, what’s not to love?

For a little extra sparkle you could also pop small white fairy lights through the holes in the back?


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