Trend – Back to Black

We’ve become quite brave in our choice of colours for our homes over the last few years, guided gently by the hand of the spectrum of greys on offer, but are we brave enough to embrace black? Well get ready brave hearted people out there, as black is back and being touted as this years big trend for interiors.

The use of black in our homes is a bold statement and not one for the faint of hearted but, as demonstrated by the ever fabulous Abigail Ahern and her disciples, going over to the dark side, can and does look amazing if used thoughtfully.

The secret, I think, is the use of bold colours juxtaposed against the black. Jewel coloured furniture and accessories and great lighting are your friends here and any room with great natural light is going to help things along as well.

Displays of art work against the black back drop works well, as shown in this amazing Lyon apartment.

Images from Elle Decoration.

My first introduction into how chic black can look, was on my first visit to Amsterdam, where the colour is used, on many of the buildings, to enhance exterior features.

This can work just as well in the UK, particularly on period properties, again shown in a perfect example on Abigail Aherns home.

If you want to experiement with black but not throw yourself in at the deep end, using it as a feature in an otherwise light room works well.

Paint an interior window frame.

Paint the stair treads black using floor paint to avoid scratches and flaking paint after a few weeks of wear and tear.

Decorate one wall matt black and use it as a gallery for your favourite prints and postcards.

But above all else be brave and go for it after all its only paint!


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