Eternal Style

I am very lucky to work with some incredibly creative, stylish and forward thinking young people and one thing many of us share, apart from a love of interiors, is a love of clothes.

Although I am a mother of two children, one of who is older than some of the people I work with, this holds no boundaries when we talk about clothes, our latest purchases or our current style crushes and why should it? Well it shouldn’t, but for many years it did. It was a widely held belief by many, particularly advertising moguls, that after a certain age, fashion wouldn’t or shouldn’t be on a woman’s radar. Luckily that belief is slowly becoming redundant and many forward thinking companies are using models and celebrities of varying ages to head their campaigns.

Joni Mitchell heads the campaign for Yves St Laurent

I remember thinking when I was in my 20’s that I would never dress like some of the marginally older people I knew! Not for me would be the elasticated waist trouser or drip dry dress and thankfully as I have arrived at that age, those days are long gone and our role models are style setters such as Caroline De Maigret, Kate Moss, Carine Roitfeld and Isabel Marant. Not surprisingly, most of my style crushes are French, they know a thing or two about ageing stylishly and gracefully non?


La Moss


Isabel Marant


Carine Roitfeld


Caroline De Maigret

Some brilliant blogs that I follow are written by women who love fashion and have a fantastic style of their own. They share their secrets and knowledge of fashion through their blogs and although they have reached the mid point age shall we say, they are not afraid to rock a leather skinny jean, a faux leopard print coat or the latest highly sought after trainer.

They are not alone, as the generation that was brought up by Margaret
Thatcher to believe we could be anything we choose to be, listened to
music made by Patti Smith and Debbie Harry and raved all night in fields
in secret locations, we were never going to be told what is age
appropriate to wear by the men in suits?

When ever I’m stuck in a style rut and wondering if something is just a little inappropriate to wear at my age, I look to pinterest and see what my style icons are wearing. Pinterest
is a great way of collating ideas and looks for those moments when you
have a style wobble and lets face it we all do, from time to time, what
ever our age?


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  1. Helloitsgemma 22 April, 2016 / 6:55 pm

    Great post. Women become more invisible in the mainstream media as they get older. Finding a style gets trickier. I too turn to Pinterest to collect images of iconic other women. I still shop at topshop and Zara – although I'm not their target age. I'm not sure who on the high street wants my custom. I think if it feels right – go for it.

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