Musing on Black and Blush pink

We are in the throws of redesigning the decor for our two lounges and I really want to go to the dark side and use black in both rooms. One of the rooms will be a simple black & white print wallpaper with black walls and off white paint work and the other I would like decorate in reverse and paint all the wood work black with a soft pink blush wall.

The harshness of the black paintwork needs to be offset, I think, with a softer tone on the walls and the juxtaposition of the feminine and masculine, the hard and the soft of these two colours works in perfect harmony.

What really nailed this combination for me was trying to find a colour that would tone with our neutral, bordering on, sand coloured upholstery that we must keep. The images below, demonstrate how the blush pink, sand and black work in perfect balance together. The key here is that the pink must be the softest, palest pink but with a good dollop of grey to stop it becoming too sugary? The perfect nude pink with a dirty sludgy tone is setting plaster by Farrow & Ball. The addition of the grey undertone to the colour stops it becoming too saccharine.

I’ve taken the liberty of using a colour combination put together by one of Farrow & Balls Paris colour consultants and editing her original palette to demonstrate and confirm to myself that this colour combination will work.

Samantha’s original palette based on the Bloomsbury group of colour choices.

My amendment using Farrow & Ball railings which I will be using on the woodwork, to make it more contemporary. Sorry Samantha I hope you don’t mind?

Above additions of sand work well with the soft pink and black.



    • 22 November, 2016 / 10:55 am

      Thanks Sus, I'll show some before and afters on the bog when its finally done!

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