5 of the best Linen Pinafores

Pinafores have made a bit of a comeback lately and are no longer confined just to those of school age. Some of my favourite designs resemble work wear, the sort of pinafore a hard wear store owner or barista would wear, and are practical and stylish worn over a top and jeans.

I’ve now got two of these style of pinafore which I wear for work, they are brilliant for putting all manner of things in the pockets, such as staple guns and tape measures and stop me constantly shouting out to anyone within ear shot “where’s my phone? & has anyone seen my glasses?”

I appreciate they’re not to everyones taste and not always suitable for every occasion. I was told recently by Mr B that it was probably not a good idea to wear my new mustard pinny out for a family meal for fear I would be mistaken for one of the waitresses?

Anyway, if they are your thing, here are my round up of some of the best I’ve found.

This is my newly acquired pinafore by notperfectLinen, in the loveliest ochre colour, which is available from Manchester lifestyle store ObjectStyle

I have the same design in charcoal grey and have worn it loads. They are all one size, made of 100% linen and if you can’t make it to the shop the lovely owners, Rachel & Alex have an online store and will post it out to you super quick. You can see Rachel modelling the new range of notPerfectLinen, beautifully, on their website.

This damson coloured pinafore is available to order from independent online shop &Mead¬†and you can follow Susannah’s lovely Instagram account here.

Minos cotton twill apron – Plumo

Linen cross over apron – Toast

Lovely pale pink linen cross over pinafore – The Linen works

What do you think about grown up pinafores? Are they something you would wear or not? I have had a few divided opinions when I’ve worn mine, so it would be interesting to hear your thoughts.



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