Summer Shoes Whats Trending?

So next week I’m off to Barcelona for a couple of days and I don’t know if you’re anything like me but, when it’s your first summer trip of the year, do you always think you’ve got some suitable foot wear that you wore last year only to find that when you drag the things out of the wardrobe you remember that

a) they either rubbed your feet all summer long that you never really felt comfortable with them or

b) they were so damned comfortable that they are wrecked!

Well that my friends is the situation I find myself in as I write this blog post. So I’ve been avidly looking online, through fashion mags and in the High Street stores to try and find out what the most fashionable feet are wearing this summer and I thought I’d share my findings with you, should you be in a dilemma like moi?

Slides are every where this summer and although my daughter assures me fur topped ones are the only slides you need in your life, I rather like these more formal half shoe versions for myself?

These are from Cos £99

Espadrilles have made a come back again although a bit flatter than the usual wedge offering, which are perfect for wandering around on a city break?

This on trend blush pink version are just £19.99 from H&M

Metallics are still every where possibly as they look so good on tanned legs? These are by Molly Goddard X at Topshop

If you love the Morrocan influence that is everywhere from embroidered kaftan tops to ethnic pompom fringed bags and jackets, you’ll love these shoes, as much as I do?

From Next £32.00

Continuing with the Moroccan influence, I already have a soft black pair of these Babouche style shoes from Zara(now sold out) that I have been wearing all Spring and they are the most comfortable shoes I own. I’ve got my eye on this gold pair from Topshop to up the glam stakes for the evening.

Finally if comfort is always the over riding factor it’s a relief to know that the Arizonas by Birkenstock are still very much a fashionista’s staple item!





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